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Explanation of the term dBi and what are we using this term to measure

Antenna Gain

Antenna is a passive component! It doesn’t amplify anything….. So… what is this Gain? Detailed explanation in this video

Antenna Efficiency

This video will focus on what Antenna Efficiency is composed from. Term that will be explained include: Dielectric loss, Ohmic loss, Matching VSWR,...

Antenna Space Loss

The space loss represents the reduction of the power density as we get far from the radiating antenna assuming it is spread equally in all directio...

Antenna Noise Temperature

The term Antenna noise temperature is explained in this video

Antenna Far Field, Near Field & Frennel Zone

Detailed explanation for the terms: Far Field, Near Field & Frennel Zone

Antenna Vertical Polarization

Detailed explanation of the term Antenna Vertical Polarization

Antenna Horizontal Polarization

Detailed explanation on Antenna Horizontal Polarization

Antenna Cross Polarization

Detailed explanation on Antenna Cross Polarization

Antenna Circular Polarization

Detailed explanation of Antenna Circular Polarization