Category : Basic Electronics

What is an Electronic circuit?

What is an Electronic Circuit? – Koby Plaschkes explains the definition of an Electronic Circuit, including high level explanation of the dif...

Analog Circuit

Kopy Plaschkes review an Analog Circuit with focus on 3 resistors configuration circuitry while explaining how to calculate Equivalent resistance, ...

Ohm’s Law

Koby Plaschkes provides detail explanation of the Ohm’s law and the different ways to calculate it

Power Factor

Power Factor is explained in details by Koby Plaschkes. Others terms explained and calculated include: Reactive power, Real power, Apparent power.


Resistors – all about it, including sizes, internal structure, color code, packages, and more


Capacitors – Types and material, charging and discharging process, series and parallel connections and calculations. Also reviewing electroly...


Coils definition and how related to electromagnetic field. What is a solenoid and how coils are part of Motors and Generators, all these topics are...

Coils – Transformers

Transformer structure, principle of operation and function. Other terms explained: Toroidal coil, Chock coil, Ferrite coil, and Eddy current


Diode – This video contain detailed explanation on Diodes, their characteristics and functionality. Other terms discussed include: Rectifier,...