Category : RF

Diplexer Design

This session will discuss the followings: Smith Chart, Band pass filter view on a smith chart, and a step-by-step Diplexer design process

Matching a Filter in the Lab

Live demo from an RF lab demonstrating a filter matching process

Ohmic Matching

Ohmic Matching – The quarter wavelength impedance transformer. In many cases we wish to match ohmic impedance to another ohmic impedance, the...

RF Circuit Matching Post Production

A live video from a lab demonstrating how to perform RF matching for a post production assembled PCB

RF Matching Techniques – Principles

This session explains how to use the Smith Chart and then reviews basic RF Matching Techniques

Symmetrical PA and Balun consideration

What are the advantages of using Symmetrical PA’s and what is the use of Balun. Performance and mathematical representation is reviewed in de...

Double Balanced Active Mixer

Double balanced active mixer circuit

Gilbert Cell Topology

Gilbert Cell circuit

VCO Phase Noise

A real oscillators have phase modulated noise components. Details are provided in this video

VCO Design Considerations

VCO’s are usually employed in PLL, functioning as a tunable frequency source that drives both transmit and receive local oscillator circuitry...