Author : Dror Regev

Symmetrical PA and Balun consideration

What are the advantages of using Symmetrical PA’s and what is the use of Balun. Performance and mathematical representation is reviewed in de...

Double Balanced Active Mixer

Double balanced active mixer circuit

Gilbert Cell Topology

Gilbert Cell circuit

VCO Phase Noise

A real oscillators have phase modulated noise components. Details are provided in this video

VCO Design Considerations

VCO’s are usually employed in PLL, functioning as a tunable frequency source that drives both transmit and receive local oscillator circuitry...

VCO Ideal Oscillator

VCO (Voltage Control Oscillator) – Ideal oscillator as explained and analyzed

Phase Noise & VCO Biasing

Detailed analysis of Phase Noise near center Frequency & VCO Biasing. Some Terms listed: Flicker Noise Effect, 1/f, VCO, VCO Biasing, Phase Noise

Measuring VCO’s Phase Noise

Calculation method for measuring VCO’s Phase Noise

Leeson Model for Phase Noise

Leeson model is used as a signal phase noise. Detailed explanation is provided in this video

Mixers Passive Design

Dror Regev explains in details what are mixers, their mathematical representation, their parameters and use cases. Some of the terms included: LNA,...